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Kettle Moraine Wrestling Club

Call to Action

Wrestling practice set to start on 12/6/2021

Mission Statement

The Kettle Moraine Wrestling Club is guided by both the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation on the state level and USA Wrestling on the national level.  We are dedicated to promoting, educating and growing the great sport of wrestling in the Kettle Moraine Community. 

Our primary goal is to introduce the sport of wrestling to our youth (Kindergarten-8th Grade) and to give all participants a fun and positive experience.  The club will focus on the physical and mental aspects of the sport. We understand that wrestling is about more than just learning wrestling skills.  It is also our mission to teach life lessons regarding discipline, responsibility, accountability, positive character, toughness, persistence, and hard work on a daily basis.  We want our members to come together as ONE TEAM to achieve this end and to be actively involved in the operations of the club. We believe wholeheartedly in the following statement “You Get Out What You Put In”. 

To achieve these goals, the following are expectations of the Kettle Moraine Youth Wrestling Club:

  • All wrestlers should come to practice in proper workout attire including: shorts and/or sweats, t-shirts, wrestling shoes and optional headgear.

  • All wrestlers abide by the rules of practice and come to practice ready to work, listen, and follow directions.

  • Members of the club volunteer to help in the operations of the club where needed.  Members can serve as board members, committee members, and/or assistant coaches/practice helpers...etc.

  • Members actively seek out new members  to join and try wrestling.

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KM Wrestling Club

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